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  • Sunday: 10:30am
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Welcome to this Holy House

This section just serves as a couple reminders of some of the motions Ukrainian Catholics practice when they enter the temple for Divine Services. We invite you to join us in these practices when you come to pray with us.

  • When you first enter the church, you should make the sign of the cross. In the Christian East, the sign of the cross is made as such:
    • We first touch our head
    • Then our heart
    • Then our right shoulder
    • Then our left shoulder

Sign of the cross

  • If you notice in the image to the right, the person is holding his hand with three fingers (the thumb, index and middle) together and the ring and pinky are together.
    • The three fingers symbolize the three Persons in One as we profess the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).
    • The two fingers represent the natures of Christ: human and divine.
  • The reason why, in the Christian East (for both Orthodox and Catholic), we touch the right shoulder first is to acknowledge Christ who sits at the Right Hand of the Father. This is actually the most ancient form of making the sign of the cross.
  • After making the sign of the cross, the faithful make a small bow (simple metania) as a sign of reverence.
  • After blessing yourself upon entering the temple, you should then walk up the main aisle and venerate (kiss) the icon that rests on the tetrapod. The tetrapod is what looks like a table, and it is placed in the center of the aisle. On it, you will find a cross, two candles and an icon depicting either the patron saint of the faith community or a specific feast or saint whose day it is. To venerate the icon, you bless yourself twice, kiss it, and then conclude with a final sign of the cross and simple bow. This veneration shows your love and respect for the saint(s) depicted on the icon, and it is also much like the icon as a window into the Divine reflects the love and respect with which the particular saint serves God. It is also a warm sign of greeting. Much like when you go to grandma’s house and greet her with a hug and kiss, so should you greet Christ and His followers with the same respect.
  • After venerating the icon on the tetrapod, if there are analoys (podium-like stands) that hold icons, you would proceed to them and venerate the icons on them.
  • It is also customary in to make an offering of light when entering a Ukrainian Catholic Church. In Saint Michael’s we have candle stands in the back of the sanctuary where you can make your offering. In other churches, you will either see candle stands flanking the analoys or a specific “candle room” where you can light a candle. The sign of lighting a candle and offering a sacrifice of light connects us to Christ, for Christ proclaims “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life” (John 8:12). As we light our candle, we are immediately reminded that we are no longer slaves to sin, but rather that we have the light of Christ to guide and direct us in our lives.
  • We then proceed to our place within the sanctuary, pray silently and await the beginning of Divine Services.

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